Game Dev Screenshot Repository

Looking for screenshots and videos!

Post your screenshots or short videos of anything in development. It doesn’t have to be one of our featured dev games. Any time you capture something amusing, pretty, fun, whatever, come share it. At some point our main OTG webpage is going to need some fresh content! Just post whatever you have, and keep posting. You might get someone hooked on a game they didn’t even know existed.

Days Gone - E3 2018 Official Trailer | Release Date Reveal

Kingdom Hearts 3

KINGDOM HEARTS III – E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

Hope this is right. :slight_smile:

Chronicles of Elyria: The Enemy You Don’t See Cinematic

CoE - The Searing Plague Event

is what i posted above what you want posted?

I appreciate anything, but I’d love to see some original stuff we can’t get everywhere. :art:

Like screenshots or fraps video?

Both! Just not too long if its video.

WoW Selfie!

We have a call to action out from the OTG PR team. Not only are great, original screenshots useful, so is video!

Get me your best short clips, lets say no more than 30 seconds, to contribute to submissions for the new OTG video! The PR team will be taking the submissions, picking the best, trimming them down, and using it in the new video. I know we’ve got some streamers out there, and folks that love to show off their gameplay. No stock footage, this must be original.