Game Development Lead for Fallout 76

Hey all

Finbar has accepted the role of Game Development Lead for Fallout 76. We hope that this is a short lived role as this game is releasing in 3 days and GD is looking to pass it on to General Games or New Games in the near future.

Thanks Finbar


Congrats, Finbar!

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A HUGE thank you to Finbar for stepping up!

Another HUGE thank you to folks that sent messages offering to help.

You guys are awesome.

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Thanks Finbar!

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Great, thanks!!

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Since we go live tomorrow night will this still be under Game Development?

Grats Finbar :grinning:

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Hi Deakon,

The nuances are still being hashed out; it is likely that we will be moved to General Gaming at some point in the near future.



Hello, goodbye. :smiley:

Gratz Finbar

Isn’t there someone else from OTG that works in quest development for Bethesda (I think its ESO)? I knew her as Janet from their old forums. That makes two now!