Game Development Tags and you

For our major dev games, we have categories. For everything else, we have us.

We now have a variety of tags we can use with our posts that are specific to Game Dev. As of right now, these center around the types of games we might be interested in. I’ve included things such as MMO, FPS, RTS, etc. I’m sure I missed some. You guys also might have some great ideas for tags we could add that will help you find your favorite game development topics.

In order to see available tags, click on the “hamburger” lines next to your avatar in the top right corner, and click Tags.

Please post any feedback about Tags here!

a few more: ARPG, Strategy, Sports

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Need a humor tag also.

But… I’m not getting paid to be funny…

That’s a good thing…


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Don’t know that fits in game dev. I’ll run it up the chain to see if it should be part of off topic or something more global.

Ahh, sorry thought it was for all tags. Wasn’t paying attention.

No worries! I put in a request, so we’ll see what happens!

So, can we get game specific tags or are all tags across all of game dev?

They are across the entire forum, I think.

Depends on exactly what you’re looking for. Most of ours will be more global, because our games are not permanent. Looking for something specific?

Well, we have information about ships, and information about game design, news, discussions…nothing very specific to Star Citizen I guess other than Ship Sales perhaps or something similar. I was more curious how it works