Game is $34.99 should I get it?

Hi I have always been a big fallout fan, but the reviews are horrible, is it worth getting now at 35 dollars?


Don’t care about the reviews, I’m enjoying it and paid about $50… after reading the reviews do you have any questions about the game though?

Many, lol. Are there in game guilds? If I get it I am torn whether I get on console, or pc, word is pc is the bigger mess.

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There are no guilds. That might be something they will add some day in the future, but not guaranteed.

As for whether PC is a mess or not … people like to complain. Are there issues? Certainly. But the game is playable regardless of the platform. If you buy it, just choose the platform you would normally prefer to play on. Simple as that.

Generally they can patch PC games faster than console so there’s that… but I’d play whichever more guildies/your friends are on of course.

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Yeah lots of bad reviews but I’m still having a LOT of fun playing it. :wink: Purists are complaining that it’s not exactly like all of the previous Fallout titles, there are bugs for sure and I do get disconnected at least once per night from the servers but that’s over about 4 or 5 hours of straight play.

I haven’t had any PvP contact yet but have run into/past plenty of other players that were level 5 or above (the lower limit to be able to PvP)

If you like to explore and craft, you will easily get your money’s worth with this title.


The “purists” clearly have not played the other Fallout games. Fallout has a long tradition of trying new things, breaking the mold, and setting new standards in RPGs. IMHO Fallout 76 does this too. There are no game breaking bugs, but there are a few inconvenience making bugs. If anyone expects Activision levels of perfection, I recommend they avoid all Bethesda games. But if you have a brain for figuring things out yourself, and can handle some inconveniences, and are an rpg player at heart, then dig in.

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Got it for Xbox one because my pc is older and has a Gtx 670 gpu which is below the suggested minimum.

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Great enjoy!

Not many OTG over there that I know, some on PS4 (Varzil, and others). But, I am sure you will find lots of good folks to play with.

And you are still welcome to join us in Discord!


I bought it when it was $60 (twice in fact as I bought one for my son too).

Well worth it at least for me. Even if I get bored and quit tomorrow I’ve got my $60 worth out of it.

I’m having a blast and played over 100 hours. I like you can solo if you wish or jump into an OTG group. Just don’t group with Truewall… he steals your screws and springs. :grin:


I am in the thumbs up category as well. Love the game, it’s pulling me off RDR2 more than i thought.

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yes I think so


cptnoobtastic and I are representing OTG on xbox as well…look us up! (xbox handles are the same as our forum names)

if you can find it cheap its not bad…then again its not spectacular either, I think part of the problem is alot of people went into the game thinking they were going to get the fallout 3/fallout 4 experience, and its not that, its like an imperfect clone of fallout 4, I have noticed is there doesnt seem to be alot of npcs (not sure ive run into any actually). … So… having said that, if i were to rate the game out of 10 I would give it a 3.5 or so it still needs some work imo.

How many hours are you into it now?

I got my 76 hour achievement other than that i’d guess a smidge over 100 hours. On PS4

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Excellent Darkmire!

Everyone who plays, seems to sink in good and deep.

It’s like spicy food. People whine and hate it at first, then after a week they are putting hot sauce on their cornflakes.

Installing now. I ended up getting it for $17.50 because amazon was giving 17.50 credit if you refilled your account balance with at least $100 which I knew I was going to spend at least that much on gifts.

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