Game log on

Anyone else having problems logging on? Is the game running or did they have another patch?

After you were not able to log in, the game window stopped responding for me. I logged Amaralie in 3 times, and every time it froze. Also tried to log in a toon on a different account, and it froze at the Character Select window. =(

We could not even get the game to load, tried it many times. I wish I knew what the problem was. :disappointed:I missed hearing your voice.


I had Mumble issues too, finally figured out that no one could hear me because my push-to-talk button wasn’t working! Grr… Got it working again, finally.

Had a nice chat with Jak - he logged in to say hi to everybody.

I had problems getting on last night, too, but actually, I noticed you said that the guild uses mumble. Are we moving to Discord (which I notice is the OTG preferred method, altrhough I have noticed it is somewhat controversial). One advantage of our recent move is that the computers are further away from our daughter’s bedroom so it becomes possible for us to make a bit of noise, so I’d like to know what to install.

The EQ2 OTG guild is still using Mumble, however, it’s my understanding that the whole organization will be moving to Discord. I have no idea about the timetable for that move. :sunglasses:

Oy vey.

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