Games and Their Impact on You

Hi all,

So this year, I have gotten to experience a game unlike no other and it has made such an indelible mark on me and my soul. I laughed, I cried and absorbed the game and its character. So this got me to thinking…what game has made a powerful and emotional impact on you. I do not mean because the game is a good game but that it spoke to you and affected you emotionally or powerfully - the kind of game you think about even after you finish it. And I am curious as to why.

For me, it is an easy answer - Life is Strange and Life is Strange Before the Storm. The character of Max, Chloe and Rachel and what they go through just really touched me. It feels so real - the happiness, the pain, the sadness, the joys and triumphs, the love and friendship all just felt so real and honest.

I am so excited Life is Strange 2 is coming in September and a graphic novel following LIS characters is coming in November.


Never even heard of this game(s) before, will have to watch video on youtube and see what it is all about.

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I linked the trailer :slight_smile:

I’ve had books impact me like that, but I can’t think of any games that have.

I can think of a couple reasons why that might be:

Probably most importantly, I almost exclusively play MMOs, and my experience of those games is shaped much more by the people I play with than by the game. The game has to be fun for me, of course, but the real impact comes from the social interactions.

The other reason is that I seem to find the printed word more influential than visual presentation. Just as I can’t name a really impactful game, I can’t name a really impactful movie.

I think this is partly because books get inside the character’s heads more. And partly because my experience of a book is a blend of the world the author created with words and my imagination. A movie, like a game, is a entirely a visual realization of some else’s imagination.


Great game!

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Looks cool

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I just finished the prequel (Life is Strange: Before the Storm) and I am emotionally wrecked. It was beautiful, powerful and moving and incredible.

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You’re gonna force me to check out this game, I can tell!

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I would encourage anyone to do so. But it deals with heavy stuff - domestic violence, murder, sexual assault, drug abuse, bullying, euthanasia, and death. It does not take a “gaming” approach but more like real life. I have read some players take months to finish it as it weighs so heavy.

I would compare its heaviness to the Director’s cut of Butterfly Effect.

However, it also deals with love, strength, the power of love and friendship, overcoming challenges, fate, honoring those who left us, etc… It also deals with same sex relationships and in a very beautiful way.

I would recommend playing LIS then LIS: BTS. If you do want to pick them up, the trailer for LIS 2 is coming on August 20th. Steam may put them on sale around them or around the launch of LIS 2 in September. I think you can get them on the Xbox and PS4 as well.

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Sidenote, I love the Butterfly Effect! :slight_smile: Never seen the Director’s Cut, though…

I own LIS but haven’t played it yet… mostly worried about its heaviness.

Night In The Woods impacted me. Great game, though I only got through Chapter 1 because it was a little too heavy for me at the time. I strongly recommend that game, even with my not being all the way through it.

Thanks for the info on LIS’s release schedule and probable sale!

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I have Night in the Woods too so thanks for the recommendation.

Of all of the endings in Butterfly Effect, the director’s was the darkest by far.

Spoiler below for the director’s cut:

Basically the main character goes back to when he is in the womb and strangles himself with his umbilical cord as to spare her his intrusions under the realization nothing he can do can help her or make her life turn out well.

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O jeez, that IS dark. And I thought the original ending was pretty dark, but… wow. Hahah. Hope you enjoy Night in the Woods, if you haven’t played it yet. Or heck, if you have! :wink:

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There’s also “The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” which is by the same people and set in the same universe as “Life is Strange” and is FREE but I am afraid to play it for the sense I will be an emotional wreck afterwards. :open_mouth:



It is not bad as the others. It deals with heavy issues (alcoholism, death and strongly hints at domestic violence/abuse - but less in your face mentality) but the story is enjoyable and we can all relate. If you grew up the least bit interested in super heroes, magic, super powers, imagination, etc…) you will relate to the little boy in the story for sure. It is short too - maybe 2-3 hours to finish.


I’ve been a big fan of the LiS series for a while now. I did the entire original game for the Extra Life marathon last years, and I wrote a review about the prequel, “Before the Storm”.

This series has some of the most amazing writing, that really leaves a mark. As mentioned, it’s topics are hella (:wink:) heavy, and the endings heart-wrenching. That’s in addition to the soundtrack, which is full of so many indie bands that I only would’ve known about thanks to the game.

One thing for new players, this “game” is essentially a storybook - you make decisions that affect the flavor, but the core story is the same (until the end). Yes, you can replay to see how things might go slightly different, but you’ll still be playing the same game.

I think that’s why LiS resonates so well and has such a strong story - because it’s basically an interactive TV show or novel. You grow to love the characters and become involved in their drama the way you would any series.

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There’s also “The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit”

That is the prequel to Life is Strange 2, which is why it’s so short (and free). It’s setting up the characters for the new game, which shares a universe with the original but doesn’t involve any of the main characters. (I’m assuming there might be an easter egg or two, though).

That one hit me hard because of the themes of single parenthood, alcoholism, and physical abuse.

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Wow great review. You hit a home run here:
“Of course, there’s one final ending scene that drives home the fate of someone, hitting you straight in the heart after investing so much time in the story.”

That montage killed me, like destroyed my soul and i cried - big, fat man tears. :frowning:

So questions for you @LonoXIII:

Bae or bay?

Who are meant to be Chloe and Rachel or Chloe and Max?

Do you think Rachel was using CHloe and being an actress to get what she wanted? This is a hard one for me and I have not reconciled it yet.

Major spoilers so I am blurring them.

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That montage killed me, like destroyed my soul and i cried - big, fat man tears. :frowning:

You’re not the only one. “Daddy, why are you crying?” “Uh… I’m not. Just leave me alone.”

As for your questions (blurred for spoilers)…

Bae > Bay

My favorite fan-fic, which saw Max’s powers go crazy, was a poly with all three. :wink:

I think Rachel was just being Rachel - she’s mercurial and impulsive, but I think she does love Chloe. Her relationship with Bowers (and possible one with Jefferson) were probably just in her fickle nature. That’s why I liked the fan-fic, because Max had to deal with Rachel’s behavior, and it was this capriciousness that led to the poly agreement.

We are on the same page for sure. Can you send me a link to the fan fic or any you recommend?

I cannot wait for the graphic novel in November!

Its sad but I am right now listening to s LIST and BTS playlist on Youtube I made. All the feels…

Can you send me a link to the fan fic or any you recommend?

I will warn, it’s slash-fic, so there’s adult scenes in it. However, the author has written 42 chapters and maybe 30% of them have full-detail, in-depth moments. Think of it like “True Blood”… an adult drama interspersed with flagrant nudity and sex. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s called “Defy Fate” and you can find it on Archive of our Own. I’ll send you the link in PM.

Its sad but I am right now listening to s LIST and BTS playlist on Youtube I made. All the feels…

I have a similar playlist on my iPhone, containing all the songs from the soundtrack. The feeling starts when “To All of You” begins, but it really hits the worst during “Obstacles” and “Spanish Sahara”.