Gear Guide

Are there any useful website that explain the adornments + gear and wots best for each class etc


There are some really robust websites for EQ2 these days. I highly recommend:

  1. For quests and quest timelines: EQ2 Wikia
  2. For how the Stats are broken down & defined: EQ2 Library Stats Breakdown
  3. Optimal Stats needed for solo/heroic/raid in current xpac: EQ2 Library Class Optimization
    —> Click on your archtype (fighter, scout, priest, caster)
    —> Scroll down for how to allocate your AAs for optimal play *
    —> Scroll down more for helpful tips *
    —> Scroll down farther for best runes in slot *
    ( * = on the original page link )
  4. For looking up toons’ gear/spells/recipes and more : EQ2 Wire

If you are a paying member and have bought the newest xpac, you should have an in-game email to visit Plane of Magic via the wizard spire . When you port there, there will be a NPC with a purple feather on the island. He will give you the starting Signature Planes of Prophecy questline for this expac and next to him, you will find a chest with starting gear to help you get through the zones. PoP Walkthrough here

Doing the PoP timeline will get your toon from 100 to 110 in no time! Be sure to save your weapons, ranged, and secondary items (even if you won’t use them) for the end, because you will get a quest that will give you an ability to transmute them into essences that you can use to level up your epic 2.0 or planar weapons through an NPC named Brehita the Weaponbreaker. Planar Weapon Essence walkthrough

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