Greetings All,
I’ve got my application put in to join OTG, and barring anything unknown will be joining you all soon.

I was curious if there is any information available on the BDO chapter, such as who is in charge, what kinds of activities the members are most involved in, any arranged times to attempt bosses or event-specific things such as the current savage rift, etc.

So Chapter Leader is @Firedawg XO is @rainger. The Officers are @MurphysLaw @Void @gpfryguy @Dragonard

We currently utilize our own Discord which you can get invited to once your application is approved and finalized.
We have a calendar, that lists out all of our events minus anything that gets added like boss scrolls that are going to expire etc.

We do at least 5 GQ a day in the Active Guild so people have an opportunity to contribute
We do Node wars Mondays and Fridays
Relic Scrolls Sat. and Sunday
Tons more stuff, that you will be privy to once your application to join the Chapter is finalized as well
SO once you join OTG you will have to apply to join the BDO Chapter.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Have a good day.
BDO Officer