GSF matchmaking in 5.9.2

Hey there folks!

I just wanted to pop in here really quickly to add a little clarity to this conversation. With the changes that came in 5.9.2 there were no changes made to the match size logic. Starfighter matches have always attempted to make a 12v12 match first and upon failing to do that they create 8v8 matches. The changes in frequency of 12v12 seem to be caused by the larger pool of players that have come from the cross factional queues.

We are watching the player sentiment on this. If 12v12 matches being more normal is harmful to the game mode than we will take the time to re-evaluate how matches are created.

I hope this help.

The new matchmaker | 08.15.2018, 10:18 AM

Hey there folks –
I would like to clear up a little confusion about the match making changes found in 5.9.2. Here is the patch note for that:


Galactic Starfighter matchmaking has been improved to better account for player experience along with their currently selected ship loadout.

• Prior to 5.9.2 the match maker would build a game around the player who had been in the queue the longest. It would then try to add players with a similar loadout score (Loadout score being based around the best ship in a player’s loadout for that match). Players were then sorted by faction or at random for same vs same matches.

• After 5.9.2 the match maker still attempts to build a match around the player who has been in the queue the longest. It still attempts to build matches with players with a similar score, but that score now takes into account the player’s GSF experience (Based on their number of matches played across their legacy) as well as their loadout score. The match then tries to balance out the teams to be as evenly distributed as possible.

The new system does not have a metric for skill. It does take into account the amount of GSF that player has played as well as how good their loadout is. The matches also now attempt to balance the rosters whereas previously they made no attempt to do so.

We will continue to look at the health of the game and the quality of the matches as we go and make changes as needed. Please continue giving feedback!