Guild Invitation Sanctem of Rall

Hi New player here. Member from EQ2. Both expansion equiped looking to join the guild on the lower pop server, thanks.

Welcome! Please see the instructions here for how to join us in GW2:

Since you hadn’t been set to Member yet, you probably couldn’t see that post previously. I fixed that problem for you, though, so you should be able to read and post in it now.

Thanks alot Moss preciate that. Can’t wait to grp with friends on this game . Its gonna be alot of fun I think .

Hey I’m a new player as well, a friend of Apricoth Danya’s. Hoping to get an invite for the guild but can’t see that post.

Any chance you can work some magic @mosselyn?

@Shaniston Are you already a member of OTG? If not, you will need to the greater OTG guild before you can join our GW2 chapter. To apply:

  • Read the instructions here
  • Post your application here

You will need to register on that site, too. Please use the same username. Sorry to send you off to another website to apply. We’re in the middle of moving here from our old site.

Once you become a member, you’ll be able to see (and use) the topic for joining us in GW2.

If you ARE already a member, what is your username on old OTG site?

Oh, my bad! I had created an account but not joined!! Thanks for the link :smiley: