Guild Size vs. Guild Skills

We’ve seen from a number of other, recent titles that the concept of “leveling up the guild” has become something of a standard in MMO design now. In previous titles we just put the very active power leveling types together and let them grow up our guilds so they were big enough for everyone.

Leave it to Ashes of Creation to throw a new spin into this concept! :wink:

Increasing Guild Size is a SKILL PATH when leveling up your guild. You could, optionally, add more guild Skills instead.

Obviously we’ll have to wait and see what the trade off is, but this is an interesting concept where a smaller guild might get enough perks by going the skill path tree instead of the size path, to help offset them not having as many members as Huge Guild X.


Are we leaning in any particular direction? I have to say I’m not sure I see the benefit to having a bigger guild when we can just have more smaller guilds with buffs and all interact as we do on discord and here, and use alliances in game.

We will have to wait and see how it actually works and if the benefits for giving up guild size are worth it.

Obviously we’d like to have as many OTG in the same guild as possible (unless Alliances are very tight, they we can ally multiples together)