GW2 Chapter Leadership Transition

Hey guys! kyp has been doing an excellent job and I am thrilled to be handing the chapter over to him. I put in the work request with the admins today and they should make the change within the next few days.

I will stick around in the XO position until kyp finds someone suitable for the role. I’m not really playing the game much any more, so the forums are definitely the best way to reach me if you need my specific help with anything. If you’re someone who is interested in an officer or XO position, please reach out to kyp and let him know!

It’s been a pleasure playing Guild Wars 2 with you all for the past six years and I hope that you continue to have good times for six more! Although I won’t be active in Guild Wars 2 any more, I’ll still be around OTG and I’m looking forward to playing Star Citizen when it releases. At the moment I’m fooling around in No Man’s Sky and hoping it keeps me busy until The Division 2 is released. I’ll be around Discord several times a week and want to keep up with everyone I got to know so well in GW2!

Thanks guys!

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We’ve said it before, but we’ll keep saying it.

Thank you.

Thanks for your drama-free leadership. Thanks for the education I’ve received both in-game and out (even if I can’t share half the “out-game” stuff you post, it’s…enlightening). Thanks for a really long, stable run.

Hope to see you around the universe, any universe. :wink:

Thank you for all your hard work. I haven’t played much GW2 recently but I remember you always being helpful, organizing events, helping n00bs, and such. Best of luck in your future gaming endeavors!