Had to create my account? Was I suppose to?

Hello, I tried logging into these new forums but I didn’t have an account… So I just made my account again… Was I suppose to do this or was my account going to be migrated over?

I didn’t want to cause any extra trouble… Just was curious about the new forums… I hope what I did was okay.


You did the right thing. We are not migrating accounts so everyone needs to create new ones here.

I created my account again as well. Do I need to do anything?

Oh my, now that you mention it, I need my car washed, my dog walked and my toe jam scraped off.

Let me know when you’re done and I’ll grant you membership.


lol well maybe I’ll wash the car and I can take your dog to the dog park with my dog, but I have to draw the line on the last one :smiley:

Created new account. I had one toon left on the Imperial side that was guilded…:thinking: I should check on him.