Happy Thanksgiving

I will all a Happy Thanksgiving for all who will be celebrating it and all that owe our Freedom to all who gave their lives for our country and the countries abroad.

Johnny Cash’s American Flag


I love Johnny Cash’s American Flag. Thank you so much for sharing it and reminding us again of one of the many things we should be thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday. I second the gratitude and thank all who serve our country, here at home and abroad. May you be blessed beyond measure for all you give and sacrifice. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I think a day to remind us of how blessed we are is a good thing!

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On behalf of the admin team, we wish all of our US members a happy and and SAFE Thanksgiving…and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members…and to our worldwide members we also wish you well in your holiday seasons whenever they may be.

Sorry to be so generic but as a primarily US-based guild we simply are ignorant of all the holidays celebrated by our members. We are more than happy to learn though, so feel free to educate us!



You forgot Festivus for the rest of us.

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Happy thanksgiving all :slight_smile:

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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Wait! Thanksgiving??? Did I miss it already? Dang, come and gone and all I can say to all my OTG family members is have a happy belated Thanksgiving!

See you in the Black!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe, enjoy your friends/family/self.

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone where ever you may find yourselves this holiday. I know I shall be thinking of everyone I know who was in the military or still serving. All who have fallen and those who made it home.

Thanks to every hero, sung and unsung, for your efforts to help our friends and neighbors here and abroad. Especially those first responders who are currently fighting fires on the West Coast …please stay safe.


Happy Thanksgiving OTG :turkey:

Well we have until Dec 23rd before Festivus rolls around…but I’ll mark my calendar and put in a shout out about it just before hand.