Has your class changed over the past year?

Based on the gameplay videos up to this point i have to say im really leaning towards a Dire Lord as my main.

Initially it was Shaman, which will still be a played character.

Still too early for me. I want to see the rest of the classes. I was leaning towards an enchanter or mage, but the druid has caught my attention too. I’d like to see the rest of the class abilities/spells before I choose my main. I played a wizard as my main in EQ and started a mage in EQ2. I tend to lean towards the caster classes.

Reading that Pantheon was going to have Necros is what drew me to it; they may still, but don’t see it listed yet. Dire Lord looks pretty nice as does Wizard - I’m intrigued by the wizard spell-weaving, focus buff, and pets. I typically play DPS though so more heavily leaning to Dire Lord (maybe even Warrior).

I’ve only been following Pantheon a few months, but EQ1 was my first MMO and it could be brutal… I miss that :slight_smile:

If I got by what I loved in EQ it will be the Druid.

I think that I originally planned on a warrior but am not leaning towards a shaman. For me, I just want to heal some folks. :slight_smile:

I was a Druid in EQ but here…no clue. A Troll Shadow Knight based in Grobb!

I believe Necro and Bard are both slated post release.

Not sure yet on which class I will end up maining; kind of intrigued by the thought of Ogre Druid, but might go chanter or war instead.

still leaning monk. unless bard makes it in at the start .

Leaning toward Druid but also interested in the Monk and/or Shaman.

You are correct. Bard and Necromancer are not scheduled to be in game on launch. They are the 2 classes that are the hardest to make perfect and they want them as close to perfect as possible.

Right now I’m planning to play a Dire Lord and a Druid. The races that most interest me are ogre and dark myr. The tank/offtank role will be my main.

@Trox is correct bard and necro are post release

Well as it stands I’ve eliminated Cleric/Enchanter/Monk/Ranger/Warrior/DireLord. Of the rest I’m leaning towards Paladin but the rest of the classes appeal as well. During Alpha and beta I’ll narrow that list down.
As it stands right now I’m suppose to get 2 characters so my main will probably be the Paladin, second will probably be something the guild is short of.