Headphone and microphone upgrade

After nearly a half a dozen $40 gaming headsets that have self destructed every year or two I finally broke down and got a good set of higher quality headphones and a separate stand alone microphone instead of a gaming headset. I looked at the high end gaming headsets, but after watching videos and reading many many reviews and slogging through a lot of audiophile technobabble I was convinced I’d be happier with headphones that excelled at being headphones and a separate quality microphone - both of which should last at least 5 years, hopefully closer to 10 years. The number one complaint on even the crazy expensive gaming headsets is that they broke in the first year or the sound or voice quality was bad or inconsistent.

Sound quality is amazing both in and out - and as a bonus I can enjoy a cup of coffee or eat without having to repeatedly move the mic, or worse forgetting to. :stuck_out_tongue: Spent a bit more than I originally envisioned, but I paid up a bit for exceptionally comfy ear pieces and headband in addition to the very high reviews for sound quality.(Wearing headphones for long gaming sessions tends to give me massive headaches!) Though I did watch https://camelcamelcamel.com for several months to get the headphones for $140 instead of the usual $200+ price. The Yeti Nano just out a couple months ago is probably beyond what I needed, but the smaller size, high quality build, great sound and geek factor sold me.

Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

Microphone: Blue Yeti Nano

Headphone Amp: Schiit Audio Magni 3

Even made a mic and headphone stand out of PVC pipe to keep everything in easy reach next to my chair but out of harms way. I’ve damaged at least 2 headsets by sitting on them and even dunked one in large glass of water killing the mic.

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Very nice! I didn’t like the idea of a separate microphone due to inconvenience of taking up desk space and getting in my way. But the DIY PVC idea looks promising. Speaking of dunking, I killed the VR hand controller for the Daydream headset I had by putting it down … right into a glass of water. This was before 3rd party controllers finally came out and Google refused to sell controllers individually.