Hello everyone. Long time no see

Howdy fellas, :smile: Long time no see. :rofl: Well I will be making a comeback in 2 ways. First, I will be running with the GoTM with a Channeler and 2nd I rolled a Channeler to see what it was like and I love it. He is currently Lv 27 (still playing him so level will change) and 19 Outfitter currently. His name is Kellairiand. I will catch you all later.

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Check the guild listing next time you are in and see if a recruiter is on to get your character in :slight_smile:

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Hi yeah Korginard, I have been in game all day and keep checking to see when someone comes on. :smile:

Class of whom you are playing is nice but it would be nicer to have their name.

Any officer or member of the help will be able to do invite. I am on usually during the day or early night. We do groups on Tuesday nights starting at 8 or 9 EST. Officers will be on before then.
Look for Briyad. :grinning:

I got the invite by Q last night so I am good to go. Thanks Trisc.