Hello from long time Warframe player

Not sure why I never checked but I didn’t so I never noticed a Warframe community within OTG.
I have been in this game for years now, since right after initial release (though I missed getting the original Excal Prime by about a month)

Anyway, I am currently stuck at rank 17 (that damn test is hard) and I have about every frame in the game. Most of them in prime form, and most forma’ed at least 2 or 3 times. SO yeah I have collected stuffs for a while.

If anyone needs a hand, or if you just want to add me as a friend in case, I am Simdor in Warframe as well.

Have fun, see you around!

Hey man ill be shure to add you in game. Feel free to drop in discord we have a channel under general games, or if you want some help/advice for the mastery test feel free to ask. ive been in the game for about 3 1/2 yrs now started just after excal prime was no longer available. Ingame name is Thormbus MR 25. be seeing you online.

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