Hello in here

I made it to this discourse forum, now can I please have an invite to the Neverwinter group.

Thanks, Mike

Do we need an invite for Neverwinter subforums?

Yes please

I made it!

In at last. Cannot create new posts or do invites yet. Once i can will be doing invites and posting updates again.

There are no game-specific “private” areas on the new forums. All guild members (blue names) can see all games’ private areas and post in them. You can tell if an area is private to the guild as it shows a :lock: icon.

Enjoy! And Welcome to the New Forums!

NW does not have a a :lock: icon so it is not private?

Nope - it’s public!

What companion says “show me who to kill!”? I laugh everytime I hear it… just the way she says it cracks me up.