Hello Oldtimers!

Checking in and sending hugs to my fellow BDO players! Love the new forum :heart_eyes:

Heya Drizzey! :wave:

Heya Drizzey! Long time no see, hope all is well with you!

Hey Blastie!! :heart: Hope everything is going great for you. Have they unchained you from the desk for air lately? :grinning: What is the game of choice currently?

Hey Sid!! Everything is awesome. Spending some rl time with the family lately and catching up. Love what you all are doing with the group. :heartpulse:

I sneak away every now and then.
Been following the Game of the Month crew around mostly. July has been LotRO, which was my first game with OTG. :heart:

can anyone tell me where to find discord info … id like to join in and say hi and to get to know u all!!:grin:

Let me hop on my computer and see if I can assist.