Help needed

Simple question: Does anyone know where the addons found in the Steam Workshop for ARK are stored on your computer. If they are not then how would I be able to put the mods in the order I want.

Thank you.


Each mod has it’s own number folder and corresponding .mod file. As far as I know that number is the same for everyone. Everyone who has X mod installed will have the same numbered folder.

Not sure about mod load order.

Are you playing on a private server? Or on your local machine?

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The private server I host uses the arrows on the side to move up and down. you grab the arrow and drag and drop it to the order you want.


On the screen shown above, I never get any mods loaded in the top right section. I have about 50 mods in my game and none of them shows up on the right where I could put them into a particular order. Why do my mods not show in that section?

If you select the mods ( highlight them) in the lower section, then hit the <- -> Beside the available mods, It should move the mods you choose to the Active mods section. If you have done that step, and it still doesn’t work. Maybe somewhere in the forums can help trouble shoot.