Hi again and discord ptt

Hi all, I have recently returned to OTG in general and ESO specifically. I haven’t really played much since launch. Oddly enough I have a few AD aligned orcs, thinking the sprint bonus might be nice. All my characters are minor scrubs and I don’t even think I have any downloadable content yet. I’ll probably just go with ESO plus and eventually figure out what I need to buy.

Anyway, see you in Tamriel!

Can anyone recommend a good button to use for push to talk on Discord while playing ESO? I was thinking maybe the ~ (tilde).

If your mouse has thumb buttons, I usually use the one in the front (mouse button 4 or 5). The OS usually sets those two buttons to be back-history and forward-history in your web browser, and while I use the back one all the time, I almost never use the forward history button… which makes it a perfect choice for push-to-talk in discord.

Thanks for the input. My mouse has the twelve button pad, but maybe I can map 10 or 12 to the PTT.

P.S. my apologies to folks in discord last night. Right after I sneezed, I mapped the PTT button in discord. :pensive: