I won’t and don’t use any social media sites never had
I don’t currently play any OTG games
I don’t use discord as doesn’t suit my user profile and is far too intrusive it may be free but not really in so many ways.
I do know what tabs are but don’t really get it and after all these months still cant find anything that is more than a week old.
Who do I talk to if I wan’t to speak to someone, without a chapter leader
All I wan’t is a small balcony where I can shout out “get off my freaking Lawn”
Looking for some help here and some direction

Sounds like Off Topic is where you wanna shout. :wink:


It’s a good spot for any discussion that isn’t covered in any of the games sections.

I’m assuming you meant “tags” rather than “tabs”.

It sounds like you’re having trouble using the new forums and need some help. Is that correct?

This site may be helpful: