Hope this is right!

Hey, I just let “someone” know that I am an existing member and to get me in. Pineras kindly helped.
Don’t want to be kicked out for not posting!

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Wondering how to get to the area where we have info on EQ2? Or is this site still under construction and we just have to wait?

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It’s my understanding, Vamp, that the old forums will be archived. I’m not certain yet how we will access them - anybody else know?

I set you to member here, @Kbella. No getting kicked out now! We’re dropping the 30 day thing. You should be good now, but don’t forget to check for updates! Make sure you are on Discord too!


We are still working on how we are going to archive them, but the old forums are still there for now.

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We will provide a link to the old forums on the new forums…well, we have a link now haha…so no worries there.

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It seems that I do not have access to that topic (the Discord one).


We still needed to get you set up as a member on the new forums here. Try now. :wink:


I need access to the Discord too.

Scroll up 5 posts, Blastie posted a link. I was going to, but Discourse told me to stop being redundant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought I was in Discord. It is loaded on my computer. Tried to get in to no avail.