How active is OTG in PoE?

Anyone have an idea how active OTG with Path of Exile. Personally, I started playing seriously with the Abyss League and have over 800 hours logged.


I don’t think there’s much of an organized presence of OTG in PoE, but I do know that quite a lot of people play it.

Not sure how it all works at the moment. I mostly hook up with OTG/non-OTG friends I have on Steam.

I see ppl on, but not anything organised.

Be Nice Though.

Throughout the temporary league or just at league start?

Here and there

I’ll stay with my current guild.


I play periodically. Not as much as I use too since my gear is junk and I keep dieing.

What build are you going for Krondakka? I might have some stuff I could give you.

I play for a while after a new league begins. I will be playing a Ranger Pathfinder for Delve. I find I like to play a class they worked on for the league. I made a Shadow Saboteur (Trapper) for this current league.

My brother and I grouped up for this league and it is much more difficult in a group than solo.

So far I have not played with a group. Primarily, because I do not speed through the content. Also, I tend to pickup drops throughout for the currency.

I see I am not the only one that spends lots of time selling everything :grin:

I use a loot filter that really helps out, so you don’t pick up stuff that’s worth absolutely nothing.

Just started playing it again but only in Standard League until I find my feet.

I check the loot for stuff I might be able to use, but pretty much only pick up currency.