How active is this group?

I have been curious about this game for a while but wanted to see how active the guild was there.

I’e been playing FFXIV since 2014 and still enjoy the game. Forum content has been pretty light for a while but there are typically always players on in game. It is 6 est on a lazy Thursday afternoon and there are a dozen of us online currently. There are a lot of players spread across many time zones form Europe to Asia.
When a new patch hits our population increases. It then slacks off late in the patch cycle after everyone has gotten their goodies. Patches are on roughly a three month cycle and we are currently one month into this patch.
For a new player, there is tons of story content to enjoy. You can also try the game out for free (though there are many limitations including not being in a guild). If you have questions, please feel free to post them up and we will try and answer them.

Airen (Ariki Ko FFXIV CO)

Theres always ppl online; OTG and the community at large are helpful in the game. I just returned to the game a few weeks ago since around launch and ive been having fun. Seems like a few ppl are coming back to the game so come join us.

Definitely an active guild. Obviously primetime (evenings, especially on weekends) are more active than not, but there’s usually a few people on even during the odd hours doing their own things.

I see requests for 70+ content regularly, and even people occasionally asking for lower-level assistance. I know many of the end-game regulars have said they’ll also help if they’re free.

The great thing about FFXIV is that you can solo a lot of it thanks to the cross-server LFG - the guild is there more as a social circle than a need for a guaranteed “raiding” or activity group. And yet, there are definitely circles in OTG that log on and play together regularly.