How is it in current state?

Good evening everyone,

I am a recent joiner to the site and hopefully guild. Beings that this guild is made up of more seasoned players, I wanted to see what the thoughts were on AA currently? I played it back at launch with a couple of friends… I eventually quit because of the horrid way you had to find land… the cheaters to get it and the constant PVP gank fest. If not for those things, I definitely enjoyed AA. I am right now in MMO limbo. I’m playing BDO and some GW2 here and there.

So is this game any good now… is it still a cash shop nightmare…?

I’m stil enjoying AA. The PN’s have left so we have some balanced PVP events with the East. Manning a ship it’s easy for anyone level 50 to contribute. Lots of land available pretty much anywhere you want. The packs now have timers so no point in staging. The base mat for highend gear is a bit scarce but they are changing the way it’s obtained to unlimited packs you buy in 2 crowns to take to Solis.

Our good friend Ashrahm is leading pvp events that almost anyone with the free soulforged gear can attend.

We raised a dragon but the owner went pirate so it’s a good 3-way for PVP.

For gear you can now farm Hiram in the open world with no risk that is competitive with the highest crafted and raid gear.

Great time to come back. Out guildhouse is south of Solz community center. Look for Boop or Reyba on discord or in game.

We are in Conviction server.


Nice, thanks for the detailed info.

I’m still considering. Been playing GW2, ESO and just picked up BDO. None of them grab me enough to call it my only mmo… so may try AA again then too. I know a lot has changed since I played it. If I do decide to give it a go I’ll definitely look you guys up!