How is OTG Organized?

First, what makes you think we’re organized?


OK, we do have an hierarchical organization because it is impossible to run a guild of this size without many, many, many (a lot) of people to do the work and we need structure.

You -> NCO -> Chapter Officer -> Chapter Leader -> Admin -> LLC Member

Please read on for a more complete description of each level.

The “top” of the organization is comprised of the LLC members (in no particular order):


These folks set strategic direction, handle all the bidness and pay the bills and occasionally beg for donations to keep OTG running.

The next level are “the admins” or “the reds” or whatever nasty names you all call them behind their backs. These folks are responsible for managing multiple game chapters or functional areas:

Eviee: EQII and FFXIV (plus she handles LLC finances)
ProvokeMe: BDO, DDO, EVE, Membership and Social Media
Cefwyn: General Games and Game Development (and generating general chaos)
hossman: ESO, SWTOR, Rift and New Games
Blastie: WoW, LoTRO, Archeage & GW2
Thisnthat: PR, Systems and User Experience
SidonieAlaise: Forum/VOIP grunt work (and assistant to Cefwyn in generating general chaos)
RevZMan: Forum/VOIP grunt work (sounds glamorous, amirite?)

Next are the Chapter Leaders…the face of leadership most members see. They are responsible for the day-to-day management of individual chapters or functional areas of the guild. I’m not going to list them all here because the list is long and I’m lazy, but these are your front-line commanders.

Each Chapter Leader also has a staff of Officers who may hold various functions in a chapter to help with the day-to-day running of the chapter.

Finally, we have the NCO corps. Everyone knows the value of a good NCO in keeping an organization together. The unsung heroes of OTG.

Outside of the chain of command are the Moderators who ensure you all play nice together.

I should also acknowledge our technical staff led by Thisnthat. These guys work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep all the tech running smoothly.

Tech Staff
Big Ed

A current list of admins and mods can be found here: