How my son and I cheesed a Dread Pirate ring

To get the Dread Pirate Ring, you must win the Stranglethorn Fishing tourney. Here is how we did it

  1. Make a Horde Highmountain Druid as a lvl 100 trial character. Do this on a low pop Role Play server. You want to avoid competition. You pick druid for flight form, and you take Highmountain because they proc bonus fish on the tourney

  2. Start the game and get through the initial tutorial where you learn your skills. Hearth out of the entire invasion scenario.

  3. Train fishing in Orgrimmar. Go to the portal area in the caverns of the city (I think it is called the cleft of Shadow). Take the portal to Hellfire Pennisula

  4. Fly to Zangamarsh and fish pools around the lake until you get the manual that lets you track fish. It is called the weatherbeaten fishing journal. It can be looted from crates.

  5. Go back to Ogrimmar. Remember there is a portal in Shattrath city.

  6. Take the Zeppelin to Stranglethorn vale. Fly south to Booty Bay. Bind your hearth stone in the inn there in Booty Bay.

  7. Fly north to Northern Stranglethron to the bridge near the lake with the goblins. That lake has lots of pools as well as the river leading south.

  8. Use this macro fish

#show fishing pole
/cancelaura Travel Form
/cast fishing

When you cast it will take you out of flight form and cast. You do not need water walking or rafts, you can fish from the bank.

  1. The fishing tourney starts 5pm EST on Sundays. Log in about 10 min before then to your character parked at the bridge, and race.

I won with a time of 12min, and got the ring. The Highmountain Tauren extra fish ability procced 5 times during the tourney, which was the margin of victory. You are better off to leapfrog other fishermen in the tourney, and try to either go river or lake depending on crowds. Make a call during the tourney.

When you hit 40 fish, hearth and hit kitty sprint to turn in.

If you win, make sure one of your other toons who needs it logs on and uses it. That way if you lose the trial character you are sure you got it.

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