How to get into the SWTOR Chapter

If you are wanting to join OTG on Starforge server, please send a PM to Truthseeker and Knightemplar. If we don’t get back to you in a day or so, do so again. We will try to be quick about it and that way we know you need access. Thanks!


Hey there, I have a quick question… Is this guild still active on Starforge? Cheers!

Yes, but we have low population compared to some of the other chapters right now.

Are members mainly imp or pub?

There is a small group playing main imp, but the vast majority I have seen is pub. But invites will get you into both chapters.

The PM to contact you is done here on this forum, or in SW:TOR?

On the forums here. Please include Truthseeker as she is our recruiting officer. Also please include times you are normally on that we can try to get a hold of you to assist you.

Hi if I’m already an OTG member and I am just switching games how do I apply. Was playing WoW, going back to SWTOR for a bit.


PM Truthseeker and I on the forums here and we will let the other officers know. Then you just need to look for one of the officers in discord to admit you into the imperial and republic guilds.

What happened to the Guild on Shadowlands server? I re-subbed and all my 30 toons are on shadowlands.
Did you guys just throw away the guild ship I decorated last year? Why did you completely move servers?

Never mind…I was out 1.5 years and it seems we server merged from shadowlands… DOH!!!

Heh. Just saw your edit. Yeah, server merges happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: