How to Join OTG and GW2 Chapter?


After reading Frequently Asked Questions I am still having issues.

My main issue is that the link in this FAQ for step on joining the Guild says I’m not Authorized to View it.

I was invited to join by a long time member here who is a Co-worker, He was looking to have us Join the Guild with him. Can someone point me to a starting point for the Joining Process? Is there a Hazing period? Do I need to do 3 miracles and become a Saint before joining?

Please help! XD


Because you are not yet a member of OTG… Start Here:

You will need to register there using the same user name and email that you used here.

So its a completely different forum system that does not share permissions with one another… got it!


There is no reCAPTCHA on the page…

Try a different browser… it just worked fine for me in Chrome. :slight_smile:

I am using Chrome… =(

Oh sry…!! Try Firefox? It did work fine when I just tried it! :cold_sweat:

Still getting the same message… In Chrome, Firefox, and IE…

Let’s call in the big guns! They can help you! @Thisnthat

It’s showing now… I lowered the security on my browser settings and the reCAPTCHA is showing now

Big Guns… go back to sleep please <3

I will watch the topic, if something else comes up let me know.

Sorry, I know that’s a nuisance. :frowning: You’ve caught in the middle of moving from one site to another, so for right now, we’re still only accepting new applicants on the old site.

So I submitted my application to the main Forums… it did not show up on the list and there was a pop up that said that it needed to be reviewed by an admin before it posts… so I assume they will get to it sooner or later.

Thanks to everyone who Helped me =)

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to speed this process up

Sometimes the spam filter on that site gets a little trigger happy. Looks like it hyperventilated over the links in your app. I believe it should be visible and actionable now.

Be sure to check back on that site regularly for a few days as you’ll be contacted at least a couple times by the staff member who processes your application.

It seems my Application Disappeared again on the other Forums… Is this normal?

Sadly, yes… It really didn’t go anywhere, it was just hidden… One of the many reasons we are moving over here! :grin:

Your friendly Membership Officer is reviewing it now!

Looks like my name on the forum IS Blue… Does this mean I’m one of you now? If so, What is the process of getting a Guild Invite to GW2 =)

Your name is now blue here, too… so you should be able to go back to the FAQ up there at the beginning of this thread and follow it with no problems.

Welcome to the family!