How to join us in LOTRO

Hello, I recently joined OTG and would like to join the kin on Gladden. Name’s Thoder in game.


Hi Thoder, are you already in the kin?

Hey EATherian, haven’t logged in for a few days, been very busy irl. But last time I played I hadn’t received an invite yet.


@Thoder Hi, you need to have received the welcome letter from the game chapter in order to be invited, which I see you have received but the post here has not yet been updated.

There are instruction within the letter on how to get your in-game invite. You must be on-line to get an invite, LOTRO is so old it does not have off line guilding.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to post here… it’s me.

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@B.Butters -this is for intraguild requests. But a warm welcome to the new Discourse forums.

You no longer need to request access to individual game private sections on the forum, here in Discourse all the games are open to the dark blue names.

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Good day,

I would like to join up with OTG in LOTRO. I am currently playing a level 120/iLvl335 Discipline Priest in WoW and have played a number of other games in OTG over the past couple of years, including ESO, BDO, Secret World and Revelation Online.

I’ve got a number of characters in LOTRO that are in the process of being transferred from Brandywine to Gladden (9 total of my 11 available character slots), but I will likely just want my main, Chantillary - the Human Hunter (level 66) to be brought into guild for now.

I don’t actually have a subscription either ongoing or month-to-month, because I was one of those crazy people at launch who bought a Lifetime Membership.

Looking forward to playing with all of you and chatting from time to time in discord.

I used to be in the LOTRO chapter but haven’t played in years. I’m thinking of picking it up again as my alt MMO (since i have a lifetime sub anyways) to check out the new (to me) Beorning and seeing what all has changed.

I’m currently active in the FFXIV chapter.

I’m on gladden with a new lvl6 (at the time of this post) character named Yanagi

Hi Chantillary,

I’ve sent you a PM with instructions on getting your in-game invite. Welcome to the LOTRO kin!

Hi Rassilon,

I’ve sent you a PM on getting your invite to the in-game kin.

Heyas, Old Timers

It’s Raeth ( again ). I’ve been in and out of this chapter as I ping-pong back and forth between LotRO and WoW. I play a bit and have several characters I keep falling in and out of love with.

Basically have a F2P “lifetime” account where I buy the new expansions as they release but don’t maintain a sub. Been playing again with my stable of low level alts.

PeeJaye 30 Warden
Plinks 9 Hunter
Rajin 24 Runekeeper
Shyster 21 Burglar
Barri 19 Guardian
Choptimus 21 Champ
Delacroix 24 Captain

I both like and hate the INSANE grind this game has with Virtues, trait points, and the Legendary item grinds. This game is my go to when I just want to relax and play a game.

Looking to come back, tool around, and not be spammed with kinvites every time I go to Bree.

Reath, welcome to the LOTRO Chapter and kin. I’ve sent you a message with information about the kin and how to get your in-game invite.

Hi there! I haven’t played in a long time but I’m interested in starting a new char (prob LM or Captain) on the new Legendary server. Thanks!

Hello old friends!

Hidoddy here - long hiatus from LoTRO. Planning on joining the Legendary server . Will OTG have a presence on the legendary server?

You are still a part of the chapter. Your characters have been demoted due to inactivity. All you need to do is get blue here on the forums and then an officer can promote your toons back to full member.

Hi Balak,
What other OTG games do you currently play in? Thank you.

Hi GardenGirl. I’m in ESO .

@Hidoddy should be good now. :+1:

I am starting LOTRO up again after an extended Hiatus. I did move all of my toons to the current OTG server, but I am primarily here for the Legendary server. After you get a kinship set up on Anor, I would appreciate an invite. If you want, you could set me an invite on Gladden. My account name is Deedledan.

Balak - please check your PM’s for your invite letter.