How to join us in LOTRO


If you are already an OTG member and wish to join us as we adventure through Middle Earth on either the traditional server or the Legendary server, please make a reply here & let us know what games you are currently playing.

The OTG featured game chapter is on the GLADDEN server
OTG has a general chapter on the ANOR legendary server

Once we verify your request, our Recruiting Officer EATherrian will send you a PM with the information on how to get an in-game invite on both servers. Please follow those instructions. Once we authorize your request we will note it in this thread.

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Hi there! I have a few characters that I have transferred to Gladden: Adelas, and Ainalorn. I might transfer some others as well. Thanks!

Hi Dela - check your PM for your welcome letter. See you soon in Middle Earth.

It’s been several years since I played Lotro. I would like to get an invite back to the chapter. Trying to get a friend of mine hooked on Lotro. I cannot remember if invites are account based or not. Kypdoomfist is my main or Burtric I will be playing with my friend.

Check your PM Kyp. Welcome back to Middle Earth, drag Rimli along with you too please :slight_smile:

I would like to be invited into the OTG chapter of Lotro. Let me know.

Hi- you were added to the guild roster back on April 01-2018. You would have received a welcome letter with instructions on how to get an in-game invite.

Hello and ‘WELL MET!’

I was a member of OTG a long time ago and FINALLY retired so have much more time to play. I re-started LOTRO about a year ago and have been crafting my way up… (YEA READ SLOW AND BORING - but after work with a few beers hitting a bunch of keys just wasn’t working)

Anyway, was at Henstracers farm the other day and saw “Timonius” and plodded my plight. Well after numerous attempts, I finally got logged here and now want to put at least 1 of my 7 toons in the kinship. I am thinking that “Tresogar” (hunter) would be the best as it is the easiest to use (IMHO) and I actually enjoy playing with him for this reason. He is in his mid 50’s I believe and again IMHO could hand my lvl 70 minstrel his hat!

If things work out I may want to join other toons but even though I have many years in LOTRO (was an original ‘Lifetime’ member) and still consider myself a rank noob. So will need MUCH guidance!

Anyway, that is it.

BTW. I was Soreye on the orld forums. Now I am S0reye as I had to create a new account. In game you can contact me as “Tresogar” as I said.

Also, I have “Discord” installed and tried it with a friend p2p whilst playing WTG. We didn’t like it and went back to ventrilo but will use as I understand how important voice comms are.


To anyone reading this. The ‘admins’ have restored my old name which is Soreye…

Hello there, I hope somebody sees this. I am moving kins on Gladden. Have not been on Gladden for very long (only since this past autumn). Would like to move my main + alts to OTG because I have heard great things about your kinship ! I can be reached in-game @ Hendunaron, Mercanon, currently (those are the alts I am currently focusing on) Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

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Hi and Welcome from the Membership Team! Start here >>> Before You Apply… Things to Know - Join OTG - Old Timers Guild

Hi Soreye. Please check your PM’s and welcome to our LOTRO chapter.

beldurax, I’ve sent you a PM with instructions to get your in-game invite.


I am a current member of OTG and an active player of the Final Fantasy Online Chapter under Fizzywinks. I would like to join the LOTRO Chapter/Kin. Have several toons that I would like to possibly submit for consideration (If multiple toons are allowed to join):

Tkuvma (Lore Master)
Sersei Lanncaster (Rune Keeper. Yeah…lol)
Fizzywinks (Hunter)


Welcome to LOTRO! I’ve sent you a PM on getting your in-game invites!