How to Manage Your Inventory and Stash Space

One thing good to know is that when you ‘bulk’ your scrap stuff at a Tinker station, it does not go back into your stash, and if you get killed before you notice that (as you meander happily through the wasteland, satisfied that you took care of your junk in a responsible manner) it is really important to go back and pick up your ‘dropped junk’ as it is ALL of the bulked stuff. Learned this when it happened to me. I almost didn’t go back for my stuff, I don’t always have enough scavenged stuff to make it worth the effort of going back to get it. I fought my way back, hovered my arrow over the bag and was like HOLY HECK! I had bulk springs, screws and more that dropped.

So yeah. Also, bulk, then sell. I bulk all the things, but only sell steel, wood, basic things. Maybe do that at WhiteSprings. Also, Whitesprings vendors are not connected to Flatwoods. Just another FYI.

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Anyone find a good spot to farm plastic for bulking?

Once I maxed out the Bandoleer and Traveling Pharmacy perks, I stopped having weight issues (for the most part). I’m going to do Thru-Hiker next… So I don’t stash any meds or ammo anymore.

Selling excess meds (Like hte bajillion Radaway’s you end up with) nets some good caps and helps with weight.
Also, there are some junk materials like Black Titanium, Waste Asbestos, Nuclear Waste, and one other that actually weigh quite a bit (some are .1/ea!), you don’t use a lot of (at least I don’t at level 30), that don’t Bulk, and you end up with several hundred of them normally… I sell those too, and just keep 50-100 on hand (Titanium and Nuclear Waste are super easy to get if you capture the Gorge Junkyard or Red Rocket Mega Stop).

One thing to keep in mind: Vendors share cap pools. I’ve started putting together a spreadsheet of which vendors share a pool and how much they have on them. It’s not complete, but it’s a good start:–geC2vmZ5XlnnaKnjeqWEMsNqHj8z-c/edit?usp=sharing

FYI…the vendor bot at Charleston Station doesn’t appear share the same cap pool as the one in Flatwoods church. I have been bouncing back and forth between those two to sell stuff.

EDIT: I mean Sutton Station not Charleston Station.

So, there’s this graphic of each vendor with its associated faction:
You can sell to each faction once per day; it’s possible to make up to 1400 caps a day once you’ve found/unlocked them all.

[This Youtuber also has this list of power armor locations: which I’m not certain is 100% accurate, but might very well be. This is not necessarily an endorsement of said Youtuber, but just FYI.]