Hyperlink text color

There is a hyperlink in this sentence. It is not that visible.

Hmm maybe if the hyperlink was bold it would be easier.

Yes that seems better. Perhaps underlining the hyperlink would work better?

All of these seem somewhat unsatisfying. What we need is a way to color the hyperlink. Well there is a color option, but no easy way of figuring out how to color the hyperlink. So we are stuck with shades of gray.

You can not directly color a hyperlink. The way Discourse generates the page, the color of all hyperlinks is static. Wrapping a hyperlink with a color bbcode will not be able to override the color set globally based on the theme you are using.

My theme shows hyperlinks as blue.


All bright to me. Your theme may vary.

Did you bb code that Mags? Nawty and I had to go in and color code a lot of our policy posts.

Not at all., @Aerythe. That’s how it looks in the Vincent theme on my phone.

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Thanks, I was using Vincent dark…switched. :slight_smile:

Yes that is indeed the solution. I clicked on my picture, picked settings, interface, and picked Dark (instead of Dark AS), and then saved settings, and now my hyperlinks are blue.