I get the feeling WoW Classic is going to need it's own forum. :)

Something tells me this is going to be BIG with the oldtimer crowd. I have to admit it’s what brought me back from the wastelands, heh.

Welcome back!

I wish I could say I’ve heard this a lot, but unfortunately I have not heard many people (as in I don’t recall one person) say they are looking forward to this. I can evaluate this topic after the game launches, but I’m guessing this will not be as popular as Blizzard thinks.

I actually played vanilla and have NO desire whatsoever to go back to the way things were then. (Hey, friend do you have room in your bags for more arrows for my hunter?) The consensus in the chatty crowd in Discord seems to be that people will tire of it when they see/remember what a PITA some things were.

Again, if we have a gigantic influx of folks dying to play classic, I will re-evaluate it. I honestly don’t think we will need much more than a tag, if that. You can tag topics, which makes searching for certain things easier. I could be totally wrong, but we will know next week. :slight_smile:

Yes, but I think one of the reasons they are taking so long to roll out classic is because they want to fix the more annoying things. They could almost certainly put the code up and playable exactly how it was right now.

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You could very well be correct. :slight_smile:

I played in Vanilla and the main reason I’m back is the quality of life enhancements over the years made this game something an adult-with-responsibilities can still play. I was farming soul shards with other warlocks so we could summon a raid group (of 40) to Onyxia back n the day and always having to manage bag space for them since 16 slot bags were easy to fill…

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Yeah, I never really “grew up”. I have no wife, no kids, and a huge LEGO collection. :smiley: