I was so wrong, and so right

So I did my first pub sortie last night. Seemed to be easy enough.

First mission enemies had extra armor on extermination. Rhino Prime and my middling Soma were having a hard time but the group I was with pulled through.

Second mission was where enemies had extra impact damage and defending an NPC. I took Rhino again thinking his defenses would be a boon. Nope, so much death. We lost around wave 4. The group disbanded.

I decided to swap out to Saryn and just spore and hide. Got into another group with 2 Limbos and some other frame. We pulled through and got to the third mission.

Mobile Defense, I forget the modifier. But I was afraid that after the performance on the 2nd stage it would be a slough. Nope. We got to the first console and all of a sudden this glorious yellow Limbo bubble the size of Montana springs to life over the objective. We were completely safe inside. Not only that, but since the enemies were bunched up on the outside of the bubble and powers pass through the bubble I’d spore each group and just cackle with glee as the numbers rose, and rose, and rose.

My former record was about 30 mobs at 300 damage per tick, so right around 9000 damage. That mission I know I topped 1k damage per tick on 50 mobs, easy. It might have been 2k damage per tick. 50k-100k damage every tick. :open_mouth:

I hated leveling Limbo at Hydron because I couldn’t use any of his powers without pissing off my teammates. I hated leveling with Limbo at Hydron for the same. I just hated Limbo in general. Holy hell, I loved Limbo that mission. I was so, so, wrong about him.

And if there was ever any doubt in my mind of tossing a 'tater into Saryn that mission let me know I made the right choice. I walked out with 58% of the team’s damage and was probably the newbiest of the newbs in terms of game time and experience.

Yeah saryn is a nice power spike as far as dps frames go and you dont need crazy mods to make her good. though regenerative molt does help a lot to survive. just make shure to pair her with status weapons for max effect on her spores. she makes a great melee frame as well. which is how i prefer to run her. Condition Overload is a must have melee mod for saryn, it really shines with her abilities.