Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes has a guild feature. Who would I need to talk to about getting an official OTG guild going there?


Usually a guild has to be set up and managed by an officer.

Let me check out the game and I’ll get back to you…

Do you know if any other guild members are playing?

I do but I already run a private guild. I do have 6 spots open if anyone wants to join. The problem with this game is that there are many servers and my understanding (I could be wrong) but it says if I go to another server I have to start over, which I am not willing to do.


@Ranter, you took the word right out of my mouth! :open_mouth:

@Brohawk, IDK what the process of switching to another server would entail. I’ll look into it and get back to you via PM.


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Just for folks’ personal edification, yes, you can switch servers freely, however, you start a new account on the new server. As I read this post on Reddit, it seems like the account you leave behind on your previous server(s) stays put, allowing you to effectively have alternate accounts. If I’m wrong, well I’ve only gotten to level 50 and I won’t lose sleep over the lost team, if the team is in fact lost. VIP status (which I have none of as a F2P player) does not follow you from one server to the next.

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Yeah I have spent a fair few dollars on the game and am at 120 level so I don’t really want to switch servers. If you want to come to mine and join our guild that is fine. I don’t care what level you are as long as you play daily. I kick people after 3 days of being absent in game without an excuse. We currently have a lvl 8 mill soon to be lvl 9 and are on boss lvl 25, of which I do about 80% of all the raid damage, so as long as you do some damage you will get credit if you want to come over. If not, that is ok as well. I won’t feel hurt… boo hoo… hehehehe

Let me know what you guys want to do. I can see about setting up an OTG guild if needed but not sure if it is needed or if there is enough interest in the game. It is fun though. Thanks for getting me hooked again lol

Probably should see what server I am on though. D’oh! :open_mouth:

I am on S366 for Android, so if you are going to play daily, I have room for you. The name is Brostrodamus, and the guild is Death Guard. I usually post up recruitment in game many times in a day.

Hey Brohawk, just starting the game, and it looks fun. Just started on S366 on iOS. Does it make any difference that we are different platforms, as I can’t find you to add you as a friend. Any other advice would be great.


I am not positive but it could be that the different platforms have different servers. In game I am Brostrodamus, look me up that way. Also the guild ID is 382. I think you can put in an application to join directly. What is your in game name?

In game name is Cadamus. When I search for you, I don’t find anyone. Looks like it might not be cross-platform based on what I see from Reddit. That stinks… Anyone playing on iOS, and if so, which server?