Ilvl upgrades, hold off on those emissaries until the last minute!

Hey guys, I wanted to share something I observed today. This morning a new WQ emissary popped and it would have given me 320+ pants, with my current ilvl being 312. I ran a few Heroics and 2 Mythics today and jumped my ilvl to 321 and now the reward is 335+.

Normal WQs are now rewarding 330 items which is the cap.

There’s 2 days left to turn in the emissary. I’m going to push my ilvl a bit more. I know that the ilvl cap for Azerite armor from emissaries is 345. So I assume the cap for normal gear from emissaries is 340.

I don’t recall the rewards being this responsive in Legion, ie the rewards had to be refreshed the next day or something. Perhaps my memory is wrong.

TL:DR Save emissaries for as long as you can if you’re improving your ilvl.

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Great info. Thanks, @BeeDub!

Great to know ty

Thanks for this info. I’m only 115 at the moment and have not seen any Emissary WQs yet. I gather those will start showing up as I finish my different war quests and reach 120.

They were equally responsive in Legion during gear upgrades. Which is to say they have break points during wach raid tier - and once you hit the point they stop being connected to your gearing. In past I found they gave me at most, the iLevel of the current LFR, or just below it.

WQs all work this way… so everytime tou get any gear upgrade…

Log out.
Refresh the armory page for your character until you see your new gear.
Then log back in.

At least in Legion it only responded when your armory updated…

I managed to speed my process into heroic dungeons by Keeping an eye on the rewards changing as I geared up.

Logging off is not required. They were updating live. I watched the example pants move 3 or 4 times as I popped out of each dungeon.

Can’t say that’s equally responsive.

Good to know it tries to upgrade your present ilvl. I am going to try and run all the mythics on Sat, and I bet after that the WQs will give juicy stuff. Got a 340 wand and cloak yesterday from the emissary.