Important: Please read this about setting up your Pantheon account

Thanks to Zercon’s efforts, we have an OTG account with Pantheon.

We’ve gotten a guild code set up for your guild. Anyone who already has an account can add the code on their profile page. It’s underneath where they choose their language. For new accounts, they just do the same when they set their account up. Once we get closer to testing, we can run reports to get totals on all of your guild mates to see where we stand with extra keys. It will be very important for everyone, including those you’ve listed to add this code so you get credit for them. Now that you have the code, you won’t need to send their names any longer as long as they add it.
The code for OTG is: 0616OTG

I dont see where to do this, can you provide detailed steps.

Go to the Pantheon forums. Upper right corner you’ll see “More”. Click on more and select “My Profile”. Scroll down the page, right above the “save” button is “Group Code” place it in there

done it