In Game Organization organization

Some of you may notice that I have been organizing ranks in the in game org from the RSI website.

In an attempt to get a better view of our more active members I have been culling the herd a bit.
Let me emphasize that NO MEMBERS ARE BEING REMOVED.
What has happened so far is that anyone who has not been to the RSI site in over a year has been demoted from Ensign rank to Recruit rank.
This allows me to better track our active members, even if they are only active on the website.

Some recruits who have been particularly active over the past few months have been promoted to Ensign. This is an arbitrary promotion based on my own observation right now, but in the coming weeks I hope to formalize the process so that members have a clear understanding of how and why they are given a particular rank and how to move up in ranks if they so desire.

I have also promoted our first Lieutenant rank member, Toruk.
Toruk is very active in the game and on this site and contributes to the guild/org with his comments as well as information he has gathered and consolidated into spreadsheets. So Congrats Toruk on your promotion.

What does the org rank mean?
Well right now not much. It is really just a way for me to organize our members into groups based on activity level.
But as we move forward, I will use the ranks for things like assigning roles in events or assisting with recruitment.

Right now, my thoughts are that we will have all new members come in as Recruit rank and after 30 days of activity in the org they can petition for Ensign rank. At that time the current officers will evaluate the recruit’s activity in the org and determine if they are eligible for promotion to Ensign.

And as I mentioned, in the near future I will outline my proposed ideas for advancement and what each rank entails in the org. I call it a proposed idea because I want to get feedback from all of you, to make this something all of us are satisfied with.

So keep an eye out for more info soon™

See you all in the verse!

Don’t call me SIR! I work for a living! (Playing games that is LOL)

I guess PTU doesn’t count LOL

Does activity in the clan apply even if you’re an affiliate?

My only comment at this stage is to follow a rank structure that reflects OTG dynamics, and not feel constrained by RSI’s organization offering. Officer, for example, works just fine for now given the limited options from RSI.

Edit: Just to expand on this, ranks can be defined internally on OTG’s website and Discord, etc. It doesn’t necessarily need to be done on RSI’s website.

I don’t think the objective is to have this out in stone, but to prepare to do regular housekeeping as more and more of the game comes online. Most of us don’t play because nothing is going on but otherwise are engaged with the community. (I’m always around, posting and streaming, I just don’t play much…)

Eventually, I think it’d be wise to have some roles for people to coordinate what I’d expect to be a huge crafting pool. We don’t need that right now, though.

I am not sure what you are asking the Vulreyn.

I am simply looking at the last log in time on the official RSI site.
And that is just for keeping track of you who actively following the game and who has pretty much stopped following the game.

It has nothing to do with activity IN the game at all, though that will come in to play later, much later.

I am deliberately NOT following OTG ranks because as of this time we are not an official chapter.
When we become an official chapter, whoever is the Chapter Leader can define the ranks as they choose. For now the ranks are just to organize people into levels of activity more than anything. And even that is just 2 large groups of people who have logged in to the site in the last year and those who have not.
Promoting Toruk was done to recognize his contributions to the Org, and to begin the process of defining the ranks beyond the two large groups.

But we can name the ranks anything we choose. There are 6 ranks available, we have Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, Ensign and Recruit as our ranks right now.

Yeah that is pretty much the idea.
We are already starting to get enough content that we can start doing things in game as an org. With 3.4 we will have even more locations to visit and with 3.5 we will have the new flight model which will bring back combat which has been all but dead since 3.0 released.

I am just trying to get a step ahead of things so that when the time comes we will be prepared to start organizing in game events.

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Ahh ok, I misunderstood the feedback request as being applied to the official chapter when it’s formed.

OK, I took it upon myself to create another file containing Proposed Rank Structure, SC Org Names, OTG Names etc and noted a few discrepancies in names. Nothing binding or set into stone, just a first draft.
Often, the SC OTG Org names list, which contains people outside of the guild, does not match the names on the Fleet Spreadsheet that I created. Please look at the file(s) and fix any discrepancies you see for your name(s). Thanks!

[](http://OTG Fleet Spreadsheet)

A couple of things to note on the spreadsheet.

  1. I am not the Chapter Leader. I am an officer in the Game Dev chapter. Until we have an official Chapter and move out of Game Dev we are under the umbrella of the CL for all games in development.
    B. the sheet is a random mess. No offense, I love that you are willing to dedicate time to things like this. But quality over quantity. Page some of that stuff out so it is easier to read, useful for discussion.
    Lastly, I deliberately avoided official rankings because I did not want to start down this path, yet. When we become an official chapter then the CL will have the option to design the ranks as he or she sees fit.

So I think offering up a list of official military ranks for reference and discussion is an absolutely awesome idea. But trying to apply that to our chapter, at this point, is premature.

All of that said, I have always been a proponent of creating the official chapter for Star Citizen earlier than what is traditionally accepted in OTG. That is primarily because OTG’s traditional method of creating chapters works great for traditionally developed games. But SC is nothing like that. It is not going through the same method of delivery from publisher to consumer. In fact it is circumventing the publisher altogether.
SO I think as soon as the tools to support Orgs is in place on the website and in the game, we should petition to form an official chapter for Star Citizen.

Until then, discussion is great, but planning anything more permanent is a bit too early.

The purpose of organizing the ranks and members on the RSI site was for me to be able to recognize members who are active on that site. It lets me know who is still serious about this game and who may have placed it on the back burner for a later time.
From that list I can begin to recruit members to participate in some in game events, stuff that we can do for fun and even a few prizes. We tested this idea out with the screenshot contest a few months ago and it was well enough received that I think we can continue to do something similar every quarter or so as long as sponsors continue to donate prizes.

Finally, I want to say this: I have been part of OTG since day 1 when we formed around Dungeons and Dragons Online. I have served in every capacity including Admin, Chapter Leader, Chapter Officer and Moderator and some of those multiple times over. I believe in this guild and what it is here for, to be a place for like minded adults to game together without drama. And my goals will always be based on that idea, that we can have fun without drama. With that in mind, I look forward to continuing to form this chapter and prepare us all for the incredible game that is and will be Star Citizen.

That is all, just wanted to get that off my chest. I feel better.
Now if I can just get my PC working again I can actually join you all in game…

Work in-progress nuf said. All I wanted to do was to get a placeholder there, fix some of the name issues, include the non-OTG members in a list showing their ranks and names more clearly than on the SC alliance webpage list and continue the discussion in a more organized manner with input from others. I withhold further comment.

What non-OTG members do you mean?
I am not sure I follow you.
Everyone in the ORG is an OTG member.

Tab 3 came from the SC website. Row 5. I searched this forum for Aenonn. Returned no result. My understanding is that any one can sign up for any guild on the SC website and not necessarily a member of OTG.

There are 322 members on the SC roster. Boom72 though listed was not in the SC OTG Org. Everyone else copied over but him/her.

Actually no .
Anyone can apply on the RSI site but I only approve those who come to this site and leave a message. So they have to be OTG guild before they get an OTG org invite.

What does happen often is that people will be members here, but NOT be in the org on the site because they have other Orgs such as family or friends or their own private Org. They sometimes join OTG org as an affiliate and sometimes not at all. And that is ok too :wink:

Just a thought on the names in SC Org but not here on forums, perhaps they have not made their name on the new forums yet or did a name change during the forum switch.

A thought on the ranks, the Sci-fi books and such I’ve read involving space ships typically follow Navy ranks. Another thought General of the Air force, General of the Army, Fleet Admiral is typically only promoted during a time of war, and only if the president believes its necessary. But then again we don’t answer to the president, so the CL can wear however many stars he likes.

I took a min to google Navy ranks Since SC seems to abbreviated them:
Seaman Recruit
Seaman Apprentice
Petty Officer Third Class
Petty Officer Second Class
Petty Officer First Class
Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer Of The Navy

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Commander
Rear Admiral Lower Half
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral
Fleet Admiral

Crabby Coot
Chief Crabby Coot
Lawn Heckler
Ol’ So and So
Master Griper
Finger-Waggler Jr. Grade
Pensioner in Chief

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