In-game Videos Wanted

To go with our shiny new website we will also be having a shiny new landing page. Rather than use copyrighted material from the different game sites, we would like to show OTG content instead. To that end we would like the different chapters to submit some short (under 20 seconds) in-game content.

Some examples:

World Boss Fights
Special Events
Cool mounts, pets, fashion
Fun activities/quests
Anything else that looks really cool

Please send videos in .mov format. We want to put our best foot forward, so please make these as high quality as you can.

You can email the videos to


@stratataisen she is a Streamer of sorts. Might see if she has some good forage of a Deemed Appropriate raid or two from Horde OTG

Let’s also try to keep the videos PG-13 rated since they will be posted on our front page.


Save the good stuff for here.


Can we re-dub the audio with a singalong? :man_singer:

only if it is “The Wheels on the Bus”