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So I have been looking for a Destiny 2 alternative. I love the gameplay of Destiny 2 and the style of game but as a whole, its not enough for me to drop $40 or more on an expansion. In my search Warframe was recommended by many websites.

I downloaded and played through the tutorial and it is quite fun. My question is about the packs on Steam:

Are they worth it? Is it something I should purchase? I do not mind spending money on a game especially to help the devs out and if the game is worth it. I just do not know enough yet to know if purchasing a pack makes a difference and if so, how much of one.


I wouldn’t go in on them. If I read them correctly the Pinnacle packs give you a wide range of rare mods; mod collection is part of the game itself so they aren’t giving you (to my knowledge) anything you cannot eventually get in game and are kinda the point of the game. Shoot, loot, refit, repeat.

The Prime packs are slightly different. Prime frames move in and out of rotation in the game so they can be somewhat time limited. If you really, really, like Limbo then picking up the Prime frame while it is available might be a good purchase. However, as a new player, how would you know that you would like Limbo?

Personally I have dropped some jingle on DE in the form of the Rhino Prime/Nyx Prime pack. I bought it because Rhino was one of my most used frames and my go-to frame for farming. IE, I knew I liked Rhino so dropping some coin to get the prime version. Dropping another $20 for a $40 prime frame (Nyx), associated weapons and 800 more plat seemed like a no brainer once I was in for Rhino Prime.

So my advice would be to play the game a bit as is, find out what you like, then look for something that matches that and drop your coin on DE then. Or get a 75% off Plat booster and drop like a $20 on them to get some plat for a rainy day. :slight_smile:

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It is not required by any means to buy 1 of the steam pack but 200-300 plat will keep you going for a while in WF. The only thing that plat is required for is weapon and warframe slots. Warframe slots cost 20plat weapon slots cast 12 plat for 2 slots. That is the ONLY thing in the whole game you can only use plat to get.So if you go to the main warframe page and log in you can spend $20 and get 370 plat as the cheapest deal to set yourself up for a good amount of time. Now if you dont mind spending the a bit more the most bang for your buck will be rhino prime pack for $40. Rhino is a great frame that can carry you for the whole solar system map, and it comes with 2 weapons that already have a catalyst and the frame has a reactor in it (aka you get 60 points at lvl 30 for mods)
As well if your looking for some help or a invite to the clan send Thormbus a friend request ingame, or join us in discord for some help!


Thanks for the feedback. I will keep an eye on plat and see if I can catch a good sale. Sometimes these packs can really help but I read WF is truly free without required micro-transactions, I was hoping to hear something similar to what you both posted!

In rereading what I wrote I think there’s one point that might be a tad muddy; Prime variants moving in and out of the rotation. Right now Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime are available for sale. The sale will disappear in a little bit. However, they are also back in the loot tables for the same time frame. So, if you had the mats to do so you could farm them in game and obtain them by playing.

The reason I purchased them wasn’t because “Hey, this slightly better version is on sale and disappearing soon.” It was “Hey, this slightly better version is available in game and on sale, I don’t think I have enough time/mats to farm it in game before it disappears again, therefore I will purchase it.”

I think the distinction is subtle, but very, very important between the two situations. I play a lot of F2P titles and DE’s treatment of Warframe has been one of the most refreshingly fair systems of monitezation I’ve run into.

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I assume this is purchased from in-game or their website and separate from the Steam packs?

Somewhat, there’s a market in the game and this is one of the items that will send you to the marketplace they have on their website.

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Yeah just found it. Learning slowly but surely…and don’t call me me SHirley. :slight_smile:

I also realized I had two packs from Twitch Prime. Looks like two frames, a frost prime and a trinty prime I think. Oh well, not a bad surprise I guess.

Thats great man both the twitch drops come with free slots and reactors. Frost is my most played frame and trin is the best support in the game. no one ever complains about having a trin in group :slight_smile: I think the frost prime came with a soma prime as well which is a great full auto weapon.

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Cool, good to know. I chose Excalibur at the start so that gives me three frames. I made short list of the other that interested me from reading about them and I know some are harder than others to get.

I am trying to find the other stuff from the Twitch link but not sure where it is. Maybe is level locked?

So does each warframe level independently of each other? Or do missions change to the warframe’s level?

Also, is a frost prime simply skinned differently than a frost or is there a more substantial difference?

Sorry for all the questions…I am loving the game.

They should not be level locked. Any weapon or frame you collect and build in game will be mastery locked. But any frame or weapon you purchase in a pack should not be. Although in this case I’m not sure.

Do the warframes level independently from one another? Yes. Same thing with the weapons and companions. Generally speaking when you get a new weapon or frame you want to get it to rank 30. The reason being is that your overall level, Mastery Rank (MR), is determined in part by the number of levels you have on frames/weapons/companions. Each one has 30 levels so to get the most for your MR out of each of them you will want to get them to 30 at least once.

Yes, you can level things multiple times; we’ll touch on that when it comes up. But only the first time counts towards your MR.

Prime variants, with very few exceptions, are slightly better versions of the base variant. For example Rhino comes with 2 polarity slots. Rhino Prime comes with 3, is slightly faster and has a little extra armor. That said Rhino can get more polarity slots and the slight bump in stats is not significant enough to matter in the long run. IE, anything you can do with Rhino Prime you could probably do with Rhino. It just takes a little more to get there.


I found everything but the weapon so I am going to keep looking. My plan is to play Excalibur until 30 then. I saw companions for purchase but do some drop or do I get one? I assume I am still very much in “establishing myself” mode as I am only on quest 3 or 4 on Earth.

Thanks again for all the help.

You are given the taxon sentinal as a quest reward from a relay i believe. Sentinal blueprints can be bought off the market, prime variants come from running relics. You get your first kubrow from a mission,(there are 5 kinds of kubrow) and you can get kavats from scanning cats in the derilect . Most will agree the most important pet to get your hands on is Carrier. which can be bought as a blueprint off the matket.

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Taxon is Mars, I think. I got him on one of our “Greyed hasn’t unlocked what junction yet!?” nights. :slight_smile:

By doing mission you will obtain relics of all types by opening those relics you can place the items on the warframe market website and turn those items into plat. So if your saving up for a new primed frame or need more slots. Check what items come from the relics and price them on the market so you make sure your picking the best reward from them so your getting the highest value. If you pug “sometimes” you can have a chance of getting something rare that vaulted or sells very well (myself just recently got a Nova prime chassis that sells for like 300p from a pug). When trading with others don’t let them intimidate you or tell you the price they will buy it if you have a set price already kids can be pushy.

Ofc everything i said up there is based on if you don’t wish to buy plat :slight_smile:. if you are looking at buying plat i would look into the prime access “STASIS” for $79.99 you will get a primed frame/slot/weapons and 2625 plat vs 2100 plat for $ 99 .99 even with the 20% off the Stasis is better deal. I would only do this though if i didnt have the frame and if i wanted to invest in plat. Best of luck Tenno!