Intrepid Hires 7 New Staff Including Several Former Daybreak Devs!

Wow, cool!


I don’t know any of these people by their real names lol! Some of them sound familiar and almost all worked on EQ2 (the game I’m most familiar with in regards to SOE/Daybreak) but without their handle names, I am only guessing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They are really amping up their production. I’m trying to contain myself a bit with this one as it is still really earlier, but it is getting harder and harder!

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I’m sick. I went in as a lifer during Kickstarter. :flushed:

how does this make you sick??

@Nephthys… replying to Shaniston about “containing myself”. I’m a sick individual, I went in at the $500 pledge level = I have a problem, a fever and the prescription is more cowbell.

Ah. Then I and my husband will join you in quarantine, for we bought the $500 x2, and are planning complete computer rebuilds for the game when it launches.

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Yeah, my Co-writers ( and all have a lot of excitement for this one! We chat about it quite often.

I remember when they announced they were going to have a Kickstarter. I thought - this early?! Are they insane?!

And then they made their goal almost instantly, and my husband decided after years of no interest in MMOs that he’d buy the $500 for both of us.

Apparently I was the insane one. :rofl: