Introducing myself

Hello everyone! i thought i would introduce myself. I have been playing eq2 for a bit now and just wanted to put my name out there incase anyone wanted to play together. My character is named Grunach i am a ogre shadowknight and i play on the Halls of Fate server. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post something like this.

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Perfect place for it :slight_smile: I’m mostly playing Barabas at the moment, saw you log in earlier. Welcome to the asylum!

Hi, Mogrim/Grunach!

You are definitely in the right place. :sunglasses: Welcome!

Grunach bash!

Decebal says hi. :slight_smile:

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Hope you enjoy!

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Thank you all for the warm reception. :grin: I didn’t want to clutter the forum with more questions so i’ll ask here. Who do i need to talk to so i can join the OTG guild on the Halls of Fate server?

submit an application through this website… log onto discord to get access to our discord site. and when you are approved on this website just send a tell to any one of the officers/recruiters that appear when you hit U ingame.

Im cegaan, raid leader, officer (both army and ingame) nice to meet ya

Well at least you do an actual job in your civilian life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you! I hope to meet you online sometime. :grin:

hey now… my computer has not let me play eq2 and i have no answer on how to fix it… plus i have had 0 chance to call my internet provider.

but yes… i have an actual officer job in my civilian life also

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That is something we’ve been debating for some time now… he SAYS he has a Job and that it’s important, but some of us are skeptical…

Everyone knows the officers are just there for show and tea. The Sarges do the real work!

Hey Grunach ! glad you posted!! I know it is a month late but wanted to say hi anyway :slight_smile: When I have a deadline to hit in RL, sometimes do the disapearing act for a bit. But happy to have you around. The character I play is Narcisse so give a shout anytime.

I hug everyone~! Narcisse

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