Is dual boxing allowed in LoTRO

Is dual boxing allowed in LoTRO, I thought I heard someone say if the two different toons are manually controlled it was OK??

If it is what would be a good class combination for this??

Multi-boxing is permitted; unattended play (botting) is not permitted.

Class combination is entirely up to you and your objective for boxing.

I remember back before F2P, there were choo trains of dwarves being multiboxed. They never got messed with other than being laughed at. Only thing I seen people get banned for was gold sales, exploits, and griefing. I got a two week ban for exploiting a boss during the Moria release.

LM and Captains make nice buddies to drag for multi-boxing. I take my 2 captains together (not the best idea) or my RK or hunter with a captain tagging along.

Dnisis and Unix dual box in their static group. Dnisis takes Roseskye (hunter?) and Unix takes Stef (captain) when I see them out. Which main toon they take them with I don’t remember. They even do the Mordor Roving Threat runs dual which works pretty decent.

A few years ago I multiboxed quite a bit. Sad to say it now, but mostly for the purpose of powerleveling an alt. But at the height of my multiboxing, I was doing 4 accts regularly through Moria. After Moria, it was just 2.

but the king of multiboxing is grimwyrm.

I only tried it a little bit and could probably get better at it.

But was like a hunter pew pew’ing and then if they made it into melee switching to the cappy to do damage.

I had two laptops set up next to each other and would have to manually hit the buttons on corresponding laptop.

I tried like a hunter and LM but that worked too but wasn’t optimal on like the LM’s damage as I just kept hitting wizard’s fire i think it is called.

Didn’t get past the intro section on the toons I tried so not a true test but enough that I didn’t really want to do it long term.

Interesting. So I assume you are running 2 accounts in LOTRO? Used to have 4 in EVE - back before I retired and had the money to spend! HAHA :grinning: