Is there a Table Top category? (virtual or otherwise)

Bienvenidos, hola y como estan ustedes?
In other words; welcome, hello and how are you?
My first and only current inquiry and/or question is; will or can there be a “Table Top” (be it virtual or otherwise) section or category?
And please forgive me if it exists and, as a newb to the new forum outlay, I cant find it - then please, by all means, reprimand @Thantos, @Findywen, @Mothak, @Grapper, @akasa ,@Vowels and oh so many others, better yet, divvy-out accordingly, 20 lashes with a with a wet noodle to the a fore mentioned and include myself. .
Thank you!

[OTG] Piper Hecht; aka Karadur

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