Is there or will be the ability to use TapTalk?

I am just curious if the forums are or will be able to be accessed through TapTalk?

I’ve not seen any tapatalk integration but that is probably a question for @Thisnthat. Since there is email integration and decent mobile support I’m not sure tapatalk is really needed.

At this time no tapatalk does not support Discourse. However Discourse has been designed to function extremely well on a mobile device. It supports replying to topics via emails as well. The system also has a full featured API. The fact that tapatalk does not support Discourse is likely due to a lack of a compelling reason to spend the development time to write the plugin.

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There is a Discourse app in the Google play store. All you need to do is install it and search for and it will sync with that.

It’s literally a web shell, though. No different than browser view.

Well yea, just pointing out its there. And while it may be a shell, its still good for people who may be in multiple discourse sites t navigate quickly. I dunno, just pointing it out.

It looks great on a phone. I use it all the time.

Thanks for the info.