Is This a Game That Non-Hardcore/Casual Players Can Play?


I’ve been reading up on CoE the past week and am semi interested. The thing is…I am not sure that I will be able to commit to full time play on this game on a daily basis. In this respect I am not looking to play at any leadership level but may consider playing at a merchant or lower level. I’d appreciate any feedback on this.


I would say as long as you are not nobility you will be fine, when you are offline your character basically becomes an NPC or more specifically an OPC, Offline Player Character. You can dictate what they do while offline and tweak it to your liking. To a point, they will not go and play the game for you, but you could manage a store front of your shop or do some training, they will automatically feed themselves and make sure there needs are taken care of. Exactly what they are going to be capable of, we are not sure yet. But we do know they will have a lot of autonomy, so you going away for a while or even a long time, your character will continue to live and do stuff in the world.

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Thank you Rykos

Not a problem, I spend entirely too much time reading about this game and talking about it, feel free to ask me anything you want to know, and if it’s not NDA I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

How will I be able to use magic? :slight_smile:

Magic is going to be extremely rare, not everyone will be able to do it. You have to have a soul that has the dormant trait for magic. It will be random, and the lucky few who do get the trait wont even know until they trigger it with an unknown event. So that means Billy Bob the fisherman could have become a powerful wizard or something but never knew his potential :wink:

Interesting. I was guessing at a similar experience as it was to become Force-sensitive in SWG.

It’s fairly early, this is just some of the stuff they have said. The Soul Born Engine is going to have a lot of power to shape the world. If a story line needs to be completed and it needs a magic user to do so, then it will find an appropriate person to fill that role. If that person ends up going a different path, then it will adapt.

It is easy to get drawn into the grand vision of what CoE may become game wise.

I do have a hard question that I hope most people will have asked themselves.

On the Official CoE forums a lot of players have invested real money to buy EP’s to flesh out their packages and to be able to hit the ground running with profession packages, housing, tools, animals, crops etc to create an immersive starting point for themselves.

For purposes of discussion let’s say I start as a farmer with a field of crops, a herd of livestock, a stable, a cottage, several horses and a wagon or two - all bought through my pledge plus some extra EP’s with real money.

Let’s fast forward a month into the game…

Raiders (from another kingdom or whatever) beset me in the middle of the night, kill me, slaughter my herd, burn down my cottage and barn, and steal off with whatever goods that I have produced.

I respawn into the game with a slightly shortened game play time due to my death. I no longer have a home and any assets. Are all the things that I have purchased with real money for EP’s and other assets such as the cottage and barn gone for good?

It seems to me that a person who invests real money into the game to flesh out the world stands to lose a lot if they lose ownership of the land that they place these assets onto. I hope that I am wrong in this thinking. I have seen people in the official CoE forums stating that they have over 50000 EP’s.

Your thoughts?

That’s the nature of this game. Whatever you have can be taken from you if your not vigilant. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! as Mad Eye Moody would say…lol

People should be prepared to fight for their stuffs against more then just bandits especially if they are far from help.

You will have to fight:
wild life
the Weather
Natural disasters
ect, ect

If your a casual gamer to can set your character up with scripted behaviors and they will preform those actions for you when your offline. Read the Offline Player Character section of the Design Journal below for a better explanation.

Yeah I get the dying part and all. That’s pretty much a common occurrence for me in most online games these days.:roll_eyes:
The part that surprised me is the number of people that are willing to put a substantial amount of real money into a PVP oriented game and are willing to risk its loss. Not judging anyone by any means. I’m just envious.

With me, I’m investing in the creation of the game. I get some cool stuff in thanks for it. This is the one I got.

I got to create my Family Name: Ashkevron. I get to create a coat of arms and there’s other stuff too. The only thing I expect is an awesome game.

Its just money. They didn’t pay all that all at once either at least most probably didn’t. I did mine over 4 months using layaway.

I think that yes it’s the nature of the game, but that being said. Much of the power has been given to the players for running ourselves. If it was real life perhaps there is some kind of insurance. You pay taxes to some one, be it a mayor or a count. What are you getting in return for that. I would hope that it would contain some protections, both physical and monetary. The way I envision it, if you are in a well balanced kingdom. And what I mean by that is there are a fair amount of both pvp and pve oriented players. Nobility should ensure that swift justice is dealt to whom ever has preyed upon it’s subjects. For the example you mentioned, if they are raiders from your own kingdom then there is quite a bit that can be done to stop those raiders and make them pay the price and potentially return some of your assets. If they came from a neighboring kingdom there is less immediately we can do aside from raid them back (mercenary or soldiers) or appeal to the leader of the kingdom that they came from and demand that he puts a stop to it and perhaps even reparations. An attack on a kingdoms people is an attack on the kingdom its self. Stuff like that is what leads to wars. If they don’t want that, they would be inclined to cooperate. If your kingdom isn’t willing to go as far as war to protect it’s citizens then they won’t stay nobility for long.
Whew ok so that was a lot, but you see the flexibility that we have. No one is going to pay taxes for nothing, it’s for protections. But it’s up to the players to make and enforce those laws and systems.

As stated above, Magic is very rare in CoE. But think of it in such a way that some people may posses it their entire lives and they will not know that they have it. Then there will be other who do not posses it and may spend a few lifetimes trying to learn it, before their soul adapts and they learn it. So basically there are two ways you are born with it and must learn how to use it. Or leran from other who posses it and try to get skilled in it and hope that one day you may yield it.

As for the rgrand vision of it all, if you are familiar with the wheel of time series, you can see where alot of the inspiration of the game comes from. Their initial hope was to make a Wheel of Time MMO, but they were never able to get the licensing for it. The whole aspect of the great game fromthe books, is where the whole dance of dynasties in the pre alpha comes from. AIn the game it will be alot of political intrigue at the higher levels of society. On the other hand the world is always looking to shift the entire balance of things. The dev once said that people should be more afraid of the world than another kingdom invading you.

I have been part of the CoE community since before the Kickstarter campaign and depending on your own game style and what you plan on doing, the sky ins thelimit. Im currently pledged at the count package, and i have been helpful with the building of the duchy of Singraven on the NA-E server. Besides that I am active in the Bordweall community one of the kingdoms onthe same server as Vornair. Basically people are joining communities, organizating and getting itdeas on what they are doing.

In Bordweall we have a number of projects going on. The biuggest one is our bi monthly stream called the Bordweall Chronicles (BBC)

There you can see that we have had devs on our stream and every time we discuss things about the development of the game. One of our most recent ones was one with Snipehunter a dev who came on and explained the crafting system. The episodes are roughly 45 min or so and good fun to watch. (I made the intro/outro to the streams :p)

Other things we have done is the creation of our Lorebooks which are 3d flip books with player lore for those who are more RP players.

Right now i would say the most active communities are Vornair and Bordweall. They are both active, but each has their own way of doing things. Vornair is one where the leader Adam has purchased multiple kingdoms, and is very much into the intrigue part of the game and trying to recruit people from all walks of life so to speak. In the end, I believe he hopes to create a melting pot of different types of players but one that more or less forces players to subscribe to a culture rather than building one. If im wrong on this please correct me on this.

The main reason I joined Bordwell was that the core values reflect those of the community and not one person’s vision. Despite being the underdog on the server they have been able to create one of the most active communities for CoE. Good organization, being active, promoting the game and the community are all things that help create a community. Something I see OTG has doen as well. The main rule in the community is don;t be a dick, and no drama. This has lead to tough decisions needing to be made which some communities even being rejected to join based on the premise that they are not a fit to the community. They might have been great to the numbers of the community, but since they did not share common values they were not asked to join. In the end its more of a we community than a me community.

Besides that there are numerous toehr communities, Fortuna, Alesia, Tyria, Bleackheart, to name a few. The one thing to realize is that the kingdoms in this game will require good and competent leadership. The estimates of player population is expected to be between 10k -20k players per kingdom. There are few kingdoms that in my eyes will survive the initial year as kingdoms and the top ones on the list i think are Fortuna, blackheart, Vornair and Bordweall.

In the end however for many people, it will be a choice of what server they intend to play on, and the community they feel that most represents them. Between now and launch a lot of things can still happen. The community in the first year shifted a lot and now you are slowly starting to see the true communities emerge.

Do you know if those that somehow manage to acquire magic pass that ability along with their soul to the next character they inhabit? Have they stated that or said something else?

i would think that if you foudn magic and was able to develop it your soul might become more adept in its ways, so i would think so

I actually found my own answer, magic is a trait and traits are character specific, so it would not pass on with the soul.

hmm so basically what you learnint hat one lifetime, you need to sell on to others who do have the trait in order to preserve the knowledge. Interesting…