It’s Up!

Logged in at 7:30am from NYC. Not supposed to be up yet and not sure I got the pre-launch patch they said there’d be for PC but I got to kill some Super Mutants with my coffee so who cares lol

I’m in as well, though I’m using a vpn to connect to New Zealand. :slight_smile:

It’s up for me in Kentucky. But I don’t see anyone on in Discord. :frowning:

No VPN here. Just updated on laptop (was on desktop before) and there was a small update though no change to the version number apparently.

Oh, you’re right. Just tried without the vpn and I can still play.

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You guys got my hopes up so I tried on the PS4. it’s a nope. screen pops up telling me i can play it in about 11 hours.

No, it seems to be for PC only.
From what I read on reddit, the launch for consoles are actually controlled by MS and Sony, they need to unlock your game.

So what’s the verdict? I am still really interested in this game but decided not to pre-order. Did the beta testers squash enough bugs?

Also I have searched for answers and this game has no subscription right?

I enjoy it, it’s fallout but without a proper storyline. There’s just little bits and snippets you find on holotapes, computer terminals or letters that tell a bit of a story.
It still has the exploration, looting, weapon and armor upgrading from the previous games.
Even though it’s an online game, running into another player is pretty rare. In the last 4 hours I saw 4 or 5 other players. Just enough that everytime you do see someone, you become a lot more careful as you don’t know their intentions. Though so far I haven’t been attacked yet.
I’m roughly 7 hours in, and I honestly haven’t ran into any bugs yet. Game hasn’t crashed yet, performance is pretty good.
There is indeed no subscription. There is a story that sells cosmetic items, but the currency needed for that store can also be earned ingame by reaching achievements. Though the current selection is terrible, so it’s not even worth mentioning really.